Metal – the inspiration for performances

Brass bars

Copper bars

Bronze hollow bars

Service – cut in necessary sizes sheets, plates, bars and coils

Stainless steel bars

Sheets – of stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass

Decorative and rifled sheets (of aluminium and stainless steel)

Elbows of fittings, flanges, transitions, T-pieces (of stainless steel and aluminium)

Aluminium profiles

Stainless steel pipes

Production | Aluminium

We offer:

  • aluminium sheets/plates, aluminium thread plates, aluminium sheet grades, aluminium coils, aluminium anodized sheets and aluminium sheet blanks cut in shape and size according to your requirements. You can also order protective film covered aluminium sheets,
  • aluminium round tubes, aluminium square tubes, aluminium rectangular tubes,
  • aluminium round bars, aluminium square bars, aluminium hexagonal bars,
  • aluminium flat bars,
  • aluminium profiles: aluminium angles, aluminium T – profiles, aluminium U – profiles, aluminium profiles for light advertising,

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